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Keeping the traditions of the Ninja alive.

Learn ninpo tai jutsu martial arts in the UK.
- Self defence    - Confidence
- Fitness Training and Body Conditioning
- Meditation      - Wellbeing
- Mental resilience and mental health support


Learn self-defence in a fun and friendly environment while at the same time learning new skills. Practicing martial arts will help you physically and mentally as well as allowing you to learn to protect yourself and the people around you. ​All students are invited to national seminars, grading (belt test) and events around the UK.

​Training in Brighton, Basingstoke, Chichester, Cheltenham, Stoke-on-Trent and Yeovil.


Why we teach:-

We want to give back because we gained so much from learning a traditional martial art. The dedication, selflessness and kindness offered by our own Sensei’s makes us want to pass on the Knowledge to future generations of students.


Why you should reach out and find out more:-

We offer only the best in martial arts tuition, in a safe and friendly way.

We have a proven lineage to the Grand Masters of the schools we teach.

(Former Soke Hatsumi of the Bukinkan and Soke Tanemura of the Genbukan)

We have documented success that we help students achieve and progress.

We offer value for money.

We have a flawless safety rating,

We are fully insured, and security checked.

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