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Sensei Peter Brown was one of the first people in England to study Ninpo Tai Jutsu, joining the Shadows of Iga In 1981 and establishing a Dojo on the South Coast.

In 1982 Peter continued his study of Ninpo Tai Jutsu under Sensei Bo Munthe (Sweden), later joining the Bujinkan Ishizuka Dojo. During the early 1980’s Peter regularly travelled to Sweden to further his study of Ninpo Tai Jutsu.

The first genuine UK Ninpo Tai Jutsu seminar was held under the tuition of Sensei Bo Munthe and Peter was instrumental in organising this event. In addition Peter helped set up the EBNS (European Bujinkan Ninpo Tai Jutsu Society) along with Graham Barton and Brian McCarthy.

Peter was awarded his (Ninpo Tai Jutsu) Shodan in 1986 making him of the first (UK) students to achieve a Dan grade. His second Dan was awarded in 1987 and he remains one of the few (UK) instructors to have jumped from 2nd Dan to 4th Dan.

Sensei Shoto Tanemura’s first UK seminar was in 1987 and Peter was one of the few Bujinkan students invited to the seminar, leading to joining the Genbukan in 1988. Sensei Peter Brown and his senior instructor, Mark Lutman, were the first two people in England to be graded by both masters.

The Shinobi Kai Ninpo Bugei Dojo was opened in 1991 making it one of the first full-time Ninpo Tai Jutsu Dojo in the country.

No one is ever turned away from the doors of a Shinobi Kai Dojo on the grounds of affiliation; all true students of Ninpo Tai Jutsu are welcome.

The Shinobi Kai continues to spread the word of Ninpo Tai Jutsu through its affiliate student and Dojo scheme for individuals, instructors, other Dojo and associations, as well as those purely seeking knowledge of this most ancient of arts. For more information please email

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